At Craig Senyk Initiatives, it’s no secret that we love Canadian country music. As such, supporting the Canadian Country Music Awards (CCMAs), and the artists the awards promote, was a natural match. This year, we paired up with Dave Kelly Live to help sponsor a series of videos featuring local artists prior to the CCMAs.

Dave Kelly spent his summer chatting and filming some amazing local Alberta talents and it all got caught on camera. Leading up to the Canadian Country Music Awards, Dave Kelly Live is releasing a series of videos featuring our local musicians. Craig Senyk Initiatives is proud to be the key sponsor of this musical series. 

Check out our video of Dave Kelly and the Dungarees.


From humble beginnings in western Canada to international festival stages, award winning country group The Dungarees have taken their unique brand of country – blending the classic twang of a telecaster and infusing it with modern intensity and pop sensibility – and become one of Canada’s fastest rising stars. With multiple CCMA and ACMA nominations between them, James Murdoch (bass/vocals), Robb Angus (guitar/vocals), Kiron Jhass (guitar/vocals) Darrek Anderson (steel guitar) and Ben Shillabeer (drums) have become an undeniable force in country music.

Check out our video of Dave Kelly and Mariel Buckley.

Mariel Buckley

Few performers combine the lyrical heartfelt authenticity of classic country music with a steely-eyed intensity that compels an audience’s attention like Calgary’s Mariel Buckley. Amidst a sea of neon-Nashville superstars, Buckley offers a crunchy, roots alternative. It’s the kind of sound many musicians take years searching for, and the recent arrival of Buckley’s spectacular full-length album, Driving In The Dark, proves that she hasn’t taken a moment for granted.

Check out our video of Dave Kelly and Leeroy Stagger.

Leeroy Stagger

Leeroy’s ever-evolving fusion of roots, rock and pop music combines with travel tales and singer’s stories have made up 11 albums, two EPs and 17 years as a singer-songwriter.

Check out our video of Dave Kelly and Michela Sheedy.

Michela Sheedy

A soulful, sultry, country music performer, Okotoks born and raised Michela Sheedy represents a steely edge to the Canadian country music scene.

Check out our video of Dave Kelly and The Polyjesters.

The Polyjesters

The Polyjesters have a unique sound that is highly energetic, completely contagious, unfailingly entertaining and appeals to a wide range of musical taste, plus they’ve been everywhere…including the Epcot Centre and sharing the stage with The Trailer Park Boys.

Check out our video of Dave Kelly and Tom Philips.

Tom Philips

Alberta Band leader. Honky-tonk hero. Even soundtrack writer for a book (a Canadian first, for a Will Ferguson novel.) Survivor and singer of cautionary tales. You want it, you got it from Tom Phillips, whose career’s turned itself inside out so often that at times he appears to be a shape shifter. An esteemed statesperson of the Calgary music scene, Phillips earned his laurels over decades. He recorded with Gordon Lightfoot’s band in Toronto before releasing several albums, both live and in studio, with his legendary long time honky-tonk band The Men of Constant Sorrow (MOCS). He also released an acoustic solo album, paid homage to Hank Williams on the Sorrow Bound project, and smashed his comfort zone with a daring, darling album of cover songs from punk and rock territory.